VIP Clients

MIPA Company is paying a lot of attention to customer service. In this regard, in 2015, the VIP clients project was launched, through which we want to strengthen links with them, especially with those they buy from us more than once.

What advantages does each VIP client recive:


Secured non-refundable credit of BGN 50 for first purchase of furniture from 500 to 1000 BGN. Over 1000 BGN – additional bonus of 3%


At each subsequent purchase, no matter what value – 5% discount


Receive the e-mail provided for new models of furniture, promotions and sales.


With the VIP number registered number, he participates in lotteries and target prizes on the MIPA site according to established rules.

Against your registration number or e-mail that is registered with MIPA, each person receives the above-mentioned bonuses.


Bulgarian National Radio

National Police Service

Administrative Court Plovdiv

District Court Shumen

District Court Gorna Oryahovitsa

Administrative Court Kardzhali

Hotel “Barcelo Royal Beach” Domaine Boyar AD



Ekont Ltd.

Jumena Ltd.

Furnish BG

Dobrich Municipality

District Administration Shumen

Regional Investigation Service Shumen

School „Sava Dobroplodni“– Shumen

School Hristo Smirnenski – Shumen

PMG – Razgrad

The school of ceramic- Novi Pazar

Shumen University „Bishop Konstantin Preslavski“

DIPKU – Varna